The Veld

a place like none other

Appelsfontein is blessed with a diverse range of indigenous ecosystems, from the Karoo flats to the mountain ridges many small biomes can be distinguished.

Karoo flats covered in ‘karoids’ and ‘guarry’ bushes.
Valley river runs covered in acacias.
Spekboom veld being the largest biome with lots of succulent species.
The iron rich red stone hills where ferns and succulents occur together.
Mountainous sandveld fynbos where sandy flats occur in between rocky ridges.

Bordering the Gamkaberg nature reserve, Appelsfontein game lodge is a voluntary conservation site.

Veld Appelsfontein Game Lodge


  • diverse range of indigenous ecosystems, spekboom veld, pruimboom veld, guarrie boom veld, soetdoring river runs, mountainous sandveld fynbos, Karoo flats, karoid plant, iron rich red stone hills with ferns and thatch reeds.
  • 3500 hectares
  • bordering gamkaberg nature reserve
  • voluntary conservation site

Appelsfontein Game Lodge

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